Thursday, August 25, 2016


  • I confess...I read The Husband's Secret by Laine Moriarty in 28 hours then immediately began watching the Netflix series Stranger Things and finished it in under 24. Time well spent.

  • I confess... I have a spray tan membership. Best $34 I spend all month.

  • I confess.... I had my first facial two weeks ago! My teenage addiction to tanning beds has taken its toll on this poor Irish skin. Hopefully a monthly microdermabrasion sesh will undo some damage.

  • I confess...I look at my wedding photos at least once a day.

  • I confess... this first week back in school has had me in bed every night before nine. 

  • I confess... married life is even more wonderful than I imagined it would be. I had no idea this kind of happiness was achievable. 

  • I confess...I am already looking forward to Summer '17! Euro plans are in the works!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

At Home in the Heights

Erik bought this house in The Heights two years ago in September! I can't believe he has had it so long now. He was building it when we were just dating, but he let me help pick out details because he knew I would make this house our home some day. Could he be anymore romantic? 

I love our home and will be sharing pictures of the inside soon! Bare with us, we've only been married seven weeks and putting a house together is as expensive as it is exhausting.

One of the best things about living in The Heights is the demographic. Most people here are young couples with great jobs who like to eat and drink.

Erik and I have made it a point to try out restaurants and bars that are walking distance from our front door. 

So far, our favorite Heights Delights are:

  • Hunky Dory 
    • Great atmosphere and happy hour menu! 
  • Cane Rosso 
    • Pizza like no other. Erik, my mom, and I left in a food coma.
  • Fat Cat Creamery
    • Creative, local, organic ice cream menu. I recommend Mexican Vanilla icecream with melted prailines on much yes.
  • Juice Girl
    • Acai bowls that are perfect for this hot Houston weather.
  • Lola
    • Meets all your hang over breakfast needs! I'm a waffle kind of girl but Erik is all about his chicken fried steak and mashed potatoes. 
  • Good Dog
    • Gourmet hot dogs. Need I say more?
What are some of your "Houston Restaurant Musts"? Plan me and Erik's next date with some recommendations!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Caroline's Lasagna Soup

  • 1 lb Italian sausage
  • 1 cup chopped onion
  • 2 cups sliced carrots
  • 2 cups sliced mushrooms
  • 4 cups chicken broth
  • 14 oz can diced tomatoes
  • 1 cup pasta
  • 4-6 cups fresh spinach
  • Fresh mozzarella 

Erik won't eat mushrooms so I swapped them out for zucchini and squash.
Brown sausage and add veggies.

Add broth, tomato paste, and tomato sauce. Bring to a boil then add pasta. One cup at a time, add in spinach. 
Serve with mozzarella.

We really loved this soup! I was surprised at how hearty and filling it was. I used whole grain pasta and low fat cheese too keep it as clean as possible. It is filled with vegetables making it a guilt free meal!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

June '16

The Sunday after getting married I was A. very hungover and B. physically and emotionally exhausted! So much dancing, talking, smiling, picture taking, drinking, laughing... I was worn out. I woke up, took a shower, laid in my robe, ate leftover wedding cake and watched Fixer Upper for hours! Ha! Erik was in a pretty pathetic state too so we had no issues being completely useless together.
Had to get one last picture with my peonies!
Monday morning we had a flight out of DFW airport at 5am to Miami, then a connecting flight from there to Antigua. Unfortunately our flight was delayed to Miami, which caused us to miss our flight to Antigua. We were so bummed. Erik and I decided to make the best of being stuck in Miami for twenty four hours, so we headed to the Four Seasons and laid out all afternoon. Erik told our resort what happened, and thankfully we could extend our trip an extra day!

Tuesday we finally made it to Antigua! Our resort, Hermitage Bay, was UNREAL. Check out their link here. Our first day we snorkeled, paddle boarded, drank a few too many cocktails and soaked up the sun. The rest of the week followed that exact agenda! One afternoon we rented a huge catamaran and toured the beautiful island and snorkeled in some extravagant reefs! We enjoyed the company of the other couples at the resort and ate like kings the entire time we were there. No lie, I gained five pounds after our trip! Oops! 
Champagne breakfast

The incredible view from our room!

Catamaran views

Our last night!

We landed back in Dallas/Fort Worth late the following week (June 14th). The next day we were back in Houston, unpacking, doing laundry, and collecting our huge pile of gifts our neighbor was holding for us! We loved opening every present and even more, reading our friends and families notes to us.   

We made a quick turn around- repacked our bags with hiking gear and headed to Colorado that Saturday morning (June 18th). Colorado is one of my favorite places and I was so excited to spend two weeks in Steamboat Springs! Erik's parents have a beautiful house in the mountains that they lovingly let us stay and play in. We hiked different trails everyday, went on bike rides, walks and then made a pit stop in Denver on the way home!
Quick stop at Garden of the Gods

Fish Creek Falls!

My favorite hike of the trip!

Steamboat Lake, handsome husband, and my pup. 

Erik and I drove fourteen hours straight from Denver to Waco, TX for July 4th. We were so sick of the radio and all our playlists so we downloaded the book Dark Places by Gillian Flynn and listened to it the entire time!

Fireworks over Lake Waco! Photo cred to Kyle!

After a wonderful Independence Day, our newlywed-selves finally headed home to Houston for good!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

O'Gorman Jaynes Reception

What can I say, our reception was an absolute dream. I was beyond happy with how everything turned out, the flowers, our cakes, the ambiance, the band.. Ugh I wish we could go back and do it all again!

Pink is my favorite color, so it was no surprise to anyone when I wanted pink peonies, pink up-lighting, and even picked a pink reception venue! We used gold, white, and green accents which I think really complimented the pops of pink everywhere.

Erik and I were DREADING our first dance! We took some lessons before the wedding and I swear they made us even more nervous because we started overthinking it! The ride over to the reception we just decided not to care and chatted and laughed our entire two minute and thirty second dance.

 We literally go "Thank god!" when it was over haha not our favorite part of the day. After our dance my dad gave his welcoming speech that made me laugh, cry sweet tears, and feel so loved and supported. 

Erik and I cut cake, mine was delicious but we decided his was better. Didn't stop me from eating a piece of both though ;)

My dad is an incredible dancer and great leader so I was much more comfortable dancing with him. Our song was High Flying Bird by Elton John. Our band did an incredible cover of it, I was amazed!

When our song was over, my older brother William immediately swept into my arms and we started dancing to You Smile by Justin Bieber. The emotions of the day and how much I love my brothers just washed over me. I put my face in Will's shoulder and just let the tears flow. He kept telling me how beautiful I was and how happy he was for me. My heart was so full.

Robert cut in next and I finally got my tears under control! Our relationship is all about humor and joking around, so of course his presence put a huge smile on my face. Rob and I are the true Justin Bieber fans (we've attended two of his concerts together! ha!) so we started to serenade along with JB. 

 Paul was next and by this point I think every person in the room had a few tears welling up! It was just the sweetest, most unique moment. My siblings are the best gift my parents have ever given me. If you know us O'Gorman kids personally, you know we are a group of siblings like no other.

 I told everyone beforehand, if you want to spend time with me at my wedding, you better be on the dance floor.

 And true to my word, that is where I stayed all night!

At the end of the reception, everyone went outside to get ready for our send off. We danced to Ed Sheeran and kept saying "I don't want it to end! It can't be over!" We took in the gorgeous decorations and private moment.

Our flutter-fetti send off was unreal! I could barely see where we were going! Of course Erik's groomsmen were trying to nail him in the face with the launchers so we sped up our exit as fast as we could.

Since our reception was over early in the night, we all decided to change and head out in downtown Fort Worth. We met up with some of my best friends from high school, my siblings, bridesmaids, groomsmen...everyone! We partied into the wee hours of the morning, dragging out the celebration as long as we could.

Friday, July 8, 2016

O'Gorman Jaynes Wedding

I hope every bride feels the way I did on my wedding day. I thought the entire day was phenomenal from start to finish!

We had a 2:00 ceremony at my church, Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, so my trooper bridesmaids and I had an early wake up call on June 4th! We had a big buffet breakfast while getting our hair and makeup done at the City Club. I had made a "Wedding Morning" playlist, we drank mimosas, and chatted in our robes... it felt like a slumber party! I am so lucky to have the most amazing friends and mom, they kept me calm and cool the whole morning, making me laugh and grabbing me more champagne when needed. ;)

After makeup and hair we took some cute pics in our robes then mom and Allison helped me into my dress. I started getting some serious butterflies at this point!

My dad and I had a first look which I loved. It was so special to have a moment with him. This whole year of wedding planning he never complained about the cost of things, he was so open and willing to provide the wedding of my dreams and I couldn't be more grateful. 

I headed to the church with my Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Ken and was such a chatter box the whole drive. I told them, "Sorry I can't stop talking, I'm really nervous and it's making me feel better." Bless their hearts, they humored me the whole drive. Tiffany put on my veil and made sure I looked picture perfect for my first look with Erik.

Some brides choose not to do a first look but I am SO happy that we did. It relieved my nerves 100%, and Erik will admit that it helped him calm down too.

We took some before photos with my bridesmaids and family, while Erik and his groomsmen did the same, then it was show time!

Walking down the aisle with my dad was incredible. Before the doors were opened, I reminded myself to take it all in. As we walked I looked at the congregation, I looked at my bridesmaids, I looked at Erik, peeked at my dad from the corner of my eye...I wanted to remember every detail, and five weeks later I can still picture it, crystal clear.

Our wedding ceremony was beautiful. The readings and homily were perfect. I am not a fan of when preachers or priests try to be funny or tell some anecdote about their own love lives. Trust me, I have heard some cringing wedding homilies! But Father Smith did a wonderful job speaking with so much insight about marriage and love.

The service ending and walking down the aisle was the biggest relief of a lifetime. We did it. Hard part over! 

Erik and I had a private ride from the church to the reception and I am so happy we did. When we got in the car I said, "Would you mind if we just sat in silence?" Erik goes, "Oh my god yes please." Ha! All the adrenaline from the morning had left us and suddenly we felt exhausted. Erik had grabbed us two ice cold beers from the party bus and we just sat and sipped until we reached the reception. Even on your wedding day you have to take a minute to chill!